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Birgit Sommer

TX State Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator - Rainbow Wildlife Rescue - Dallas, TX- April 2004 to Present

Birgit Sommer

Birgit is a Texas State and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator Based on her life-long experience working with animals, she founded the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in 2004.

This rescue started as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Stephenville, Texas from 2004 to 2011 and then relocated to Weatherford, Texas. During that time she has been helping injured and orphaned wildlife by raising and rehabilitating the animals in need and then releasing them back to their original habitats.

She suspended the rescue in 2014 to focus solely on education.

Birgit now lives in Little Elm, TX and her current work includes an ever growing curriculum which she has planned to take to schools and the general public.

She is currently looking for volunteers to assist her in creating a program for different age groups, preferably folks with a teaching background, and also folks that are comfortable with public speaking.

The goal is to teach about basic pet care; how to recognize an aggressive animal by understanding its body language; why spaying and neutering is important; addressing some of the myths that are circulating the general public; how to react when encountering an injured or orphaned wild animal such as a bird or an opossum; what to do when squirrels invade your house; or you see coyotes in your backyard and start to worry or even get scared, just to name a few issues.

She partnered up with many of the local animal shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area which resulted in the rescue of over a thousand puppies, kittens, cats and dogs, many of them only an hour or two away from being euthanized.

Birgit saw to it that all of them were vetted,, such as spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and received medical attention for whatever was needed for their various injuries or illnesses and diseases. This all was funded through fundraising and grant writing. In addition, she trained these animals so they could be adopted to good homes which she or someone of her team visited, inspected, and approved prior to adoption.

Please find Birgit's story, which has been published by the Dallas Morning News, covered by Channel 11's TV Show "Through the Lens" and her own written and published articles HERE.

Birgit says that some people find the idea of wildlife rehabilitation ridiculous or claim it's "messing with nature".These folks neglect to see that most wildlife related calls that require our human intervention ARE the direct result of unnatural conditions such as careless people, toxins, poisons, automobiles, guns, traps, lawn mowers, just to name a few

Often we are confronted with animals that have suffered very disturbing wounds and other horrible injuries. Some animals come in poisoned, injured by cars and left for dead by humans. The stories and cases are endless and heartbreaking.

We as wildlife rehabilitators are dedicated warriors on the front lines between suburban development and natural habitat and are grateful for every support we can get.

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